South Orange Pop-Ups Make Holiday Waves

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Things are really popping up in South Orange this holiday season.

First, visitors to Sloan Street might have noticed the life-sized Holiday Pop Up ‘card' at the Gazebo.

Holiday Pop-Up Card in South Orange

Holiday Pop-Up Card in South Orange

Bob Zuckerman, executive director of the South Orange Village Center Alliance (SOVCA), said he had the idea earlier in the year to have a three-dimensional holiday card that people can actually stand in and have their picture taken. It's a great idea for using as holiday cards and posting on social media.

“We worked closely with the Baird Center, and most specifically, with Nick Clarey, the Artistic Director of InterACT Theater at the Baird who designed and built
this fabulous addition to South Orange,” said Zuckerman.

In other pop-up news, the South Orange NJ350 Pop-Up Store, which was open for four days, turned out to be the most successful in the state. “Our store performed better than 14 other communities in just about every category,” said Zuckerman, including number of visitors (1127), number of local artisans (26) and total dollar amount sold ($11,464; $3,000 higher than the next best store).

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