Power Outage Strikes 900 Homes in South Orange

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The following is a message from South Orange Township:

At approximately 1pm on Sunday, a PSE&G underground transformer at the corner of Ridgewood and Third went out within the past hour or so, which has caused power outages for approximately 900 households in the Village in that area.

In commmunication with PSE&G, we have learned that they are switching as many homes as possible to another circuit, which means approximately 780 of the households should have power restored early this afternoon - within two hours - per PSE&G.

The remaining 115 households, located principally on Walton, Audley, Lenox, and Thornden and possibly a few adjacent streets or homes, may be out of power for approximately 10-12 hours, although PSE&G will do everything possible to reduce that time as they continue to work on the problem.

The Village will continue to evalaute the need to open (or extend the Library’s current 1-5 Sunday hours) a shelter location, if needed.
You can reach PSE&G with questions at 1-800-436-PSEG (7734).

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