South Orange-Maplewood School District Increases Pay for Substitute Teachers


The Board of Education approved an increase to $175/day for short-term & $200/day for long-term substitutes. The new rate went into effect March 1.

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On Feb. 29, the South Orange-Maplewood Board of Education unanimously approved an increase in substitute teacher pay, in an effort to attract and retain substitute teachers in the district.

The Board of Education increased the daily rate for certified substitute teachers from $110 to $175. The long-term substitute rate was increased from $160 to $200/day.

Per the resolution:

“This gives our district a much-needed advantage in attracting qualified professionals to our District,” said Acting Supt. Dr. Kevin F. Gilbert in a press release from the district. “These increases will make the District more competitive against other public school districts. Attracting more substitutes means we will be relying less on our teachers for coverage of classes. I thank our Human Resources Director Tunde Adedoyin and his team for their work on this issue and the Board of Education members for their support of this measure.”

“This is a step in the right direction in maintaining better staffing levels,” said BOE President Dr. Qawi Telesford. “These pay increases will make the District more competitive with other public school districts in attracting substitute teachers, allowing teachers to be able to focus more on the classes they have been assigned to teach.”

According to a release from the district, Adedoyin said that his department completed a soft analysis of substitute teacher pay in neighboring school districts and found that substitute teachers in Montclair and West Orange are earning $175 a day; in Irvington the daily rate is $200.

“This decision to raise substitute teachers’ pay helps us stay competitive with other districts,” said Adedoyin.

Read the full resolution here:

Download (PDF, 60KB)

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