The Montclair Cooperative School Celebrates 60 years of Progressive Education

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From the Montclair Cooperative School:

Established in 1963, Montclair Cooperative School’s educational approach holds the belief that children thrive in an environment that emphasizes a progressive approach to learning, a sense of community among students, teachers and parents, and a celebration of the arts. As the first interracial, inter-economic, and interfaith nursery school in Montclair, the Co-op quickly expanded through 6th grade and finally through 8th grade in 2004. The founding values of equity and diversity within our progressive, arts-integrated program, are still a driving force today. 

Prospective families are invited to join us on July 19th at 2:00pm for a Lemonade Social to learn more about progressive education and enrollment for Early Ages through 7th grade. RSVP here

For more information about the school, visit

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