Prosecutor Says ‘No Evidence' That CHS Teacher Was Blackmailed with Video

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A video of former Columbia High School teacher Nicole Dufault allegedly engaging a sex act with a student may have been used by students to blackmail the teacher, her attorney has told

Meanwhile, Katherine Carter of the Essex County Prosecutors Office, said there is no evidence to support the claim.

On September 17, Columbia High School teacher Nicole Dufault was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting three underaged male students. Two days later, she was charged again with assaulting two more underaged male students.

According to, Timothy R. Smith, who is representing Dufault, said he was “investigating the possibility that the male students threatened to expose the video unless Nicole Dufault provided them with money or other items.” Smith also told, “People are victimized by juveniles all the time.”

Read the full report here.

Following Dufault’s arrest, Acting Superintendent Jim Memoli and Columbia High School Principal Elizabeth Aaron worked to assure the CHS community that the district was cooperating with authorities and providing counseling. Aaron also directly addressed the arrest in a well-received speech at CHS back to school night.

Recently, HistoryNusantara asked the South Orange-Maplewood School District for its procedure for dealing with criminal accusations made against staff. Director of Strategic Communications Suzanne Turner replied, “If allegations of criminal behavior by a staff member are brought to the attention of the district, we call the police or other appropriate law enforcement agency, and comply with whatever directions are given by that agency.”



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