Vacation to Beratan Lake Bedugul, Bali


Lake Bedugul is one of the famous tourist attractions in Bali located in Candi Kuning, Baturiti, Tabanan. Access to the tourist attractions is very easy because it is located on the road between the city of Singaraja and Tabanan regency. The distance from the city of Denpasar about two hours or about 56 Km. The history of the ancestral temple of Danu Bratan can be known based on archaeological and historical data that is in the lontar babat ngawi. Archaeological data located on the front page of the temple of Danu Bedugul in the form of a sarcophagus or stone board which is estimated to have existed since the time of megalithic, about 500 years before Christ. The artifact is now placed on the terrace courtyard (babaturan). It is estimated that temple Bedugul lake has been used as a place of ritual since the megalithic era.

Pura ulun danu that there looks as if floating on the water so that emits a beautiful view. Very good for prawedding photos or just hobbies selfie and take pictures. The temple has a very distinctive architecture and characterizes Bali. Ulun Danu temple has a roof 7 levels reputedly the roof is a multi-storey symbolizes the 3 gods of prosperity guard. Other natural beauty that can be enjoyed is a panorama of mountains that background the beauty of the lake Bedugul. Even this tourist spot was once put as a picture in the currency of 50 thousand fractions. Most visitors Lake Bedugul is foreign tourists but local tourists from the island of Java every holiday come on vacation here. For the price of admission there is still relatively cheap that is 20.000 / 1 adults.

Besides Lake Beratan area Bedugul lies at an altitude of 1240 m meters above sea level so it has a pretty cool air almost similar to takengon area. On the west side of Lake Beratan or near the entrance of the lake there is a mosque that is old enough that the Grand Mosque of Al-Hidayah. The location of this mosque is located on a small hill so it shows the beauty of the panorama of the lake from a distance. So no need to worry about the place of prayer even the people there are very tolerant of one another. If vacationing there do not forget to stop at Bedugul Lake.

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