Learn more about Meulaboh State History (Pasir Karam)

Meulaboh State has existed Since Sultan Saidil Mukammil (1588-1604 AD). The land on the west coast of Aceh is already known by the name of Sand Karam. Later in the year 1607-1630 Sultan Iskandar Muda again add to the development of the country by establishing a pepper plantation (Lada). But at that time the people there have not been crowded when compared with the land of Singkil and Barus that many foreign traders stop by to load camphor. In the next development, Sand Karam land was re-built by Sultan Jamalul Alam in 1733 by bringing people from Pidie and Aceh Besar to open more pepper plantations.

Monument Kupiah Meukeutop State Meulaboh
Monument Kupiah Meukeutop State Meulaboh

According to Zauddin, (1961: 211) The most rapid development of the sand-sinking country began in 1805 AD Sand Karam land came from Minang Kabau, West Sumatra. At that time they escaped from Paderi war that occurred since the year 1805-1836 AD They came to open a new pepper plantation in Sand Sandam.

A history says “Come hundreds of people from Minangkabau to Sand Karam for avoiding the Padri War”. They want to settle and open a pepper plantation there. They arrive at Sand Sands and agree where is good to dock. One of the chiefs picked one spot and said “We’re lucky.” The ships are in Labuhlah in Sand Karam and since then the name of Sand Karam turned into Meulaboh. Some opinions say this history should be reviewed because the word Meulaboh also exist in Aceh Language For example Babah Meulaboh, Tanjong Meulaboh and so on. But for historical knowledge while I think it is adequate.

Among the head of the entourage that came to Meulaboh was headed by three Datuk people. They are Datuk Mahadum from Rawa who settled in Merbau, Datuk Raja Agam from Luha Agam, he settled in Ranto Panjang, and the third was Datok Raja Alam Song Song Buluh from Sumpu who settled in Ujung Kala.

The trade of Minang Kabau people in Meulaboh is getting crowded. They have visited Aceh King Sultan Mahmud Syah several times or better known as the name of Sultan Buyung who ruled in 1830-1839 AD. At the first meeting they visit and introduce themselves to the sultan as well as bringing a tribute of three packets of gold to the Sultan in Kuta King. On that occasion, they agreed to ask the king to limit the country to Meulaboh. Soon the Sultan also appoints the Patriarch Datuk Raja Alam Song Song to become the ulee balang there. They are also required to provide taxes to the Sultan each year.

The following year they returned to the king in Kuta Raja to give tribute and asked the Sultan to send a representative of the Sultan to rule and receive tribute. Sultan of Aceh at that time Sultan Ali Iskandar Syah (1829-1841) granted their request and send Teuku Chiek Purba Lela to Aceh Barat.

Soon as the country of Meulaboh getting crowded and advancing with the coming of traders from England and Arab. They again requested that a representative be sent to take special care of the violation and customs of the kingdom. So the sultan sent a Penghulu Sidik Lila Digahara to Meulaboh. Next Ulee Balang – Ulee Balang there ask the Sultan of Aceh for a scholar to take care of marriage, pasah, and Shari’a law. The request was also answered by the sultan by sending Teuku Tjut Din who titled “Almuktasimu binlah” became Qadhi Sultan of Aceh in Meulaboh country.

In the years 1841-1870 the land of Meulaboh and the tapak tuan increasingly crowded the arrival of people from Minangkabau (West Sumatra). They chose pepper gardening in Aceh because in the field at that time had been controlled by the Dutch government who monopolized pepper and made the rules of cell culture. Cell culture is a system in which all plantation products should be sold to the Netherlands.

Because of the progress of the plantation in Meulaboh, British ships have been busy entering to transport the pepper to be brought to the island of Penang. At that time also Meulaboh country made state-shaped federation called Kaway XVI which is chaired by Ulee Balang Kejruen Chik Ujong Kala. The territory is divided into several federations such as Meulaboh / Tanjung, Ujung Kala, Seunagan, Teuripa, Woyla, Peurembeu, Gunong Meuh, Kuala Meurebok, Ranto Panjang, Reudeub, Lango, Keunco, Mugo, Meuko, Tadu, Seuneu’am. Wallahualam. May be useful. Warm greetings from Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. January 8, 2018.


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