Learn more about Meulaboh State History (Pasir Karam) Meulaboh State has existed Since Sultan Saidil Mukammil (1588-1604 AD). The land on the west coast of Aceh is already known by the name of Sand Karam. Later in the year 1607-1630...
Early Proof of Entry of Islam in the Archipelago Aceh in the past few centuries has become an important area in the spread of Islam in the archipelago. The strategic position of Aceh, which is on the track of the...
Apparently, Iskandar Muda Has Two Mufti
Gampong Pande Industrial Center of Aceh Kingdom
Piece of Aceh War Story
Know the figure of Queen of Aceh Tajul Alam Safiatuddin
Twenty years ago a boy named Habibie managed to build a plane named N250. The N250 is a civilian passenger aircraft capable of accommodating 50 to 70 people. On August 10, 1995 N250 aircraft made by PT Industri Pesawat...
Kemalahayati National Hero Killer Cornelis de Houtman
Abdullah Makam The Heiho soldiers are forgotten


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