History of Muslim Student Association (HMI)

The Islamic Student Association (HMI) is a student organization founded in Yogyakarta on the 14th of the early Rabiul of 1366 H which coincided with February 5, 1947 on the initiative of Lafran Pane and 14 students of Islamic high schools (now Islamic University of Indonesia (UII). There are three important factors the birth of the HMI in Indonesia, the first Muslim in the world was always positioned as a lower class and treated unfairly, at that time Muslims were far behind Europe both in the fields of knowledge and technology, Muslims were lulled by the greatness of Islam in the past. Indonesia, which adheres to a secular system, invaders have abandoned the secular learning system of separating religion from life.


This has led to a lack of understanding of the religion of students who will become leaders of the nation in the future. Finally, the presence of communist organizations in Indonesian Universities has also become a challenge for Muslims. Some of these factors have spurred the mindset of Lafran Pane and friends to establish an organization capable of fighting for the aspirations of Muslims in Indonesia. Starting in 1947 until now there have been many phases that have been passed by the HMI even having faced directly against the PKI. In 1965 the HMI was considered a great power of the Muslims which had to be dissolved by the PKI. PKI Leader Dipo Nusantara Aidit in his speech at Istora Senayan told 25,000 cadres “If you can’t dissolve HMI, just wear a sarong,” a few days before the September 30 Movement (Gestapu) erupted (Haji Salim Said, 2015). If if the HMI was successfully dissolved, HMI would have the same fate as Masyumi and not be reborn the black green cadre known to the militants.

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