Gampong Pande is one of the villages in Banda Aceh. At first glance it does not look there, but for historians Pande Village keeps so many stories. He said this is where the beginning of Aceh Darussalam kingdom began. The Pande Gampong holds so many artifacts and historical relics such as Plates, Ancient Grapes, Ceramics, Ciling, carved tombstones, even ancient gold coins also found there. At the end of 2013 Banda Aceh residents were surprised by the findings of hundreds of gold coins of dirham used by the Aceh Darussalam kingdom. At that time residents flocked to seek coins of Aceh’s royal heritage in the mud, Gampong Pande. Why are so many historic objects there? What exactly is in Gampong Pande? Maybe this is interesting to retell.

Gampong Pande industrial center of Aceh kingdom
Gampong Pande industrial center of Aceh kingdom

Gampong Pande is one of the oldest villages located in the coastal city of Banda Aceh. The area is the center of the founding of the Kingdom of Aceh Darussalam. At the time of the kingdom of Aceh Darussalam Gampong Pande has been used as a place of industry (Industry State). Regarding the industry at the time of the Kingdom of Aceh Darussalam has been told by many European explorers who had stopped in Aceh. At that time Aceh not only developed a home industry but there has also grown large industries such as manufacturing shipbuilding industry, the manufacture of war equipment, carved stone engraver industry, and gold ordering industry and so on.

Industrial experts in Aceh were then called “Pande” which means intelligent people. These experts are divided into groups such as Pande Meuh (Pandai Emas) Pande Beuso (blacksmith), Pande Kayee (clever wood) Pande Batu (clever stone) and Pande Kapai (clever ship) they are all placed by the sultan at Gampong Pande. Each group is led by a king who was appointed directly by the Sultan with different degrees.

In Bustanussalatin Queen Tajul Alam Safiatuddin once called the king of the stone-sculptor Indera Busana, he was ordered to carve the tombstone of his husband Sultan Iskandar Tsani, this is the honorable order of the queen of Safiatuddin. “When the seven-year-old Dar-Assalam was dead, Alam Saifiatuddin Syah by Allah zil Allah fil nature also gave a word to the headman Sida Ngadap titled Raja Udahna Lela “Call us Vocational Batu, King Indera Clothing! Then the king of the dress came. Then the noble word “You make me king of the seventy-seventh Dar-Salam, so did it! That the will of my heart is not yet done by the kings of old. So the king made it to the end of his knowledge, no more like the glorious word. So the word of Hadarat is glorious to the gold and vocational skillfulness. “You are the king of the Nisyan king with gold in the shape, do not stumble with the stone and break it with the quality of the manna! So some of the great gems of the type of gamble, and yakut and pirusm and zanrud and baiduri and diamonds and manikam are unavailable to the king of nisyan. So the King is faithful, and the King Indera immediately and the series immediately and all the brilliant gold work like the majestic word “.

From the above note it is known Aceh was formerly a rich country, the evidence only tombstone coated with gold and gems. John Anderson a European explorer in 1823 AD noted in his book Acheen he writes, Acehnese are not only proficient in voyages but they are also known shipbuilders from their own industry. They have succeeded in making large merchant ships and warships. The work was carried out in the industrial center of Gampong Pande. Meanwhile, the blacksmiths are able to make all kinds of items of iron including large items such as knives, kris, spearhead and other weapons. Agustin De Beaulieu, who arrived in Aceh in 1621 AD, said it was very difficult to find such items in better quality elsewhere. there were also artillery smelters that melted various copper tools such as candles, lamps and bowls. They are also experienced in using lathes for cutting copper and wood. At that time, Sultan Iskandar Muda himself had three hundred blacksmiths who were placed in Gampong Pande.

At that time, Aceh also produced clothing materials from cotton, even from silk so that Aceh’s silk cloth is very beautiful and expensive. Anderson acknowledged Aceh’s silk industry is so famous and advanced that Aceh’s silk cloth is not only used domestically but has been exported to various countries. In addition gold mining, petroleum and gem mines have also been opened since the early establishment of the Kingdom of Aceh Darussalam. So great Aceh in the past with its industrial center in Gampong Pande, then how is the condition of Gampong Pande now ???

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