Early Proof of Entry of Islam in the Archipelago Aceh in the past few centuries has become an important area in the spread of Islam in the archipelago. The strategic position of Aceh, which is on the track of the...
In Aceh history the most famous figure is Sultan Iskandar Muda. This sultan once held power for 31 years from 1606 to 1637. He is the most famous figure and also the most famous in Islamic history in Southeast...
Gampong Pande is one of the villages in Banda Aceh. At first glance it does not look there, but for historians Pande Village keeps so many stories. He said this is where the beginning of Aceh Darussalam kingdom began....
https://youtu.be/7xBy3YaG8V8 BBC International Media on November 17, 2017, reported that the indigenous people of Orang Rimba who live in the rainforest of Sumatra, Jambi, Indonesia are very concerned. The Jungle People are threatened with extinction there, even the Indonesian state...
The Golden Mystery At The Tomb of the Kings of Aceh (Cemetery XII)


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