About Us

Seeing the lack of preservation and information about the history / history of the archipelago, especially Indonesia and various histories in Southeast Asia and between one country there is a linkage between one country with other countries, also considering the lack of information about the history of the archipelago, there are indeed some blogs that discuss about the history of the archipelago but still in doubt to the validation of news or information then we make this media so that our grandchildren generation can maintain and preserve the history of the nation. in this first stage we will post in one language later in the future we will make in two versions with English.

Actually Media History Nusantara has been around since 2015 but we have not been active due to busy very busy, then with it then we can activate this media in 2016 hopefully future develop and liked by reader, also expected to give benefit and insight for reader.

We are also informed that this media is not the first one, in the archipelago but there are also various blogs that discuss History Nusantara, though what is wrong if we intend to provide more accurate information based on reference from reading, Research, documentation from various historians. The article here is not all of us but we quote from various books, and Research, and old manuscripts that we peeled as best as possible in order to give to the information.

We also receive posts from readers to post in our media, of course, through verification to the absolute information provided by the reader / konttibutor for the information can be useful for other readers.