LETTER: Herman is the Moderate Voice Maplewood Needs

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Three candidates are running for two Maplewood Township Committee seats in 2024: incumbents Nancy Adams and Jamaine Cripe, and Malia Herman. The primary election is on Tuesday, June 4, 2024. The general election takes place on Tuesday, November 5, 2024. Read all of our Election Coverage here.

We live in divisive times, and politics at the national, state, and local level reflect that reality.  Even as fellow Democrats we often don’t agree, and the most vocal among us – often those with the most extreme views – steal the limelight (or Facebook posts) to proclaim their perspective is the “only way.” Township Committee meetings have become heated debates on liberalism instead of forums to seek reasonable solutions to local problems. We have a hard time listening to each other and realizing that our agreements far outweigh our differences.

We believe the solutions to Maplewood’s challenges require balance – a moderate view not driven by ideology but rather by what’s best for our community.  Maplewood can be both progressive and pragmatic.  Malia Herman is the leader who best exemplifies these ideals, and for that reason we strongly endorse her candidacy for Maplewood Township Committee.

Malia is a 10-year Maplewood resident who has demonstrated an ability to unite our community without ratcheting up the rhetoric.  And as a mom currently raising two kids in Maplewood, Malia’s perspective as a parent will represent the many young families who have similarly chosen our town as the place for their families to thrive – a constituency deserving of fresh leadership on the Township Committee.

Whether working on our SOMA Moms Demand Action chapter (now merged with Essex County), taking a leadership role at SEPAC advocating for those in our community with special needs, or serving on our Pool Committee striving for equal access for all, Malia has led as a unifier – bringing her experience as a former White House reporter to fairly evaluate issues and propose sensible solutions.

As a local Speech-Language Pathologist, Rachel has worked with Malia and SEPAC on ways to make our town, schools, and events more inclusive for all types of learners: from the neurodiverse to those who struggle with expressive and receptive language. Malia has demonstrated through her work with SEPAC and local therapists and teachers that she will be a strong voice for all members of our community and ensure that our town and events are inclusive to all.

Together we’ve also shared the experience of mentoring our daughters through the process of becoming Bat Mitzvah – a coming of age tradition that emphasizes the responsibilities which accompany the transition to adulthood.  Malia recognizes the importance of not just teaching our next generation, but modeling behaviors such as respect, charity, and accountability as a township leader.

For these reasons, please join us in supporting Malia Herman in the June 4 primary.  We are confident she will serve Maplewood with dignity, compassion, and balance.


Brad and Rachel Goldman
Maplewood, NJ


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