MAPSO Legends Hosts Alumni Career Development Day

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From Kieonna Holiday- Hill, MAPSO Legends Founder:

Over a week ago, the MAPSO Legends Organization hosted their first annual Alumni Career Development Day for students at Columbia High School who are part of the Aspiring Leaders of Tomorrow (A.L.O.T.) club. This event marks a significant milestone in MAPSO Legends’ ongoing efforts to foster community development and support youth education.

MAPSO Legends has a rich history of community involvement and support. Established with the mission to empower and uplift the local community, the organization has been instrumental in providing resources, mentorship, and financial support to various initiatives. Over the years, MAPSO Legends has organized numerous events, workshops, and scholarship programs aimed at nurturing talent and promoting academic excellence.

The Alumni Career Development Day exemplifies MAPSO Legends’ dedication to connecting students with successful alumni who can provide valuable career guidance and inspiration. Over 25 alumni attended the event, engaging with more than 45 students from the A.L.O.T. club. The alumni shared their professional journeys, offering invaluable insights and advice to the students, many of whom are on the brink of embarking on similar career paths, while others are still exploring their options.

In preparation for this event, MAPSO Legends reached out to alumni with a heartfelt invitation: “Dear Alumni, As we prepare for an upcoming alumni career development day at CHS, organized by MAPSO Legends, we are reaching out to alumni who have excelled in fields closely aligned with our students’ majors. We would be honored if you would consider sharing your professional journey with our students. Many of our seniors are on the brink of embarking on similar career paths, while others are still exploring their options. Your insights and experiences would be invaluable in guiding them. Your participation in this event would greatly contribute to the success and enrichment of our students’ educational journey. If you would like to join us or have any questions, please reach out by email:”

The partnership between MAPSO Legends and the A.L.O.T. club began with a simple email from MAPSO Legends, reaching out to see how they could help. Mrs. Banner then invited them to the students’ Friendsgiving event, where the members of MAPSO Legends—founder Kieonna Holiday-Hill and her partners Mari Hall and Officer McCluney—volunteered, interacted with students, and stayed the entire time. This initial act of involvement laid the foundation for a strong and inseparable relationship.

The club started ten years ago when a young girl, struggling academically and socially, asked Mrs. Banner for mentorship. This simple request blossomed into a comprehensive support system for both girls and boys at Columbia High School. What began as weekly discussions on adulting, teenage life, relationships, and academics evolved into a structured mentoring program that meets the diverse needs of its members.

Recognizing the unique needs of young men, Mrs. Banner established the Men with Purpose group, which later integrated with the Ladies of Leadership to form the Aspiring Leaders of Tomorrow. This inclusive approach allowed students to benefit from shared experiences and mutual learning. To further support the boys, Mrs. Banner invited Mr. Rashad Davis as a male mentor, addressing specific topics that young men might feel more comfortable discussing with a male advisor.

Today, the Aspiring Leaders of Tomorrow focuses on community outreach, academic achievement, mental health awareness, and fostering healthy social interactions. The club’s goal is to help members become the best versions of themselves and contribute positively to society.

MAPSO Legends’ commitment to the community extends beyond this event. The organization continuously seeks new ways to support local youth, whether through direct mentorship, educational programs, or financial aid. Their efforts have had a lasting impact, fostering a sense of empowerment and motivation among students.

The Career Development Day was a testament to the power of mentorship and community support, inspiring Columbia High School students to strive for excellence in their academic and professional lives. As MAPSO Legends continues to show up and invest in the future of the youth, the community can look forward to many more years of growth, support, and success.




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