The Co-Lab at South Orange Welcomes Nicole Kleinbaum as Manager

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The following press release is from The Co-Lab at South Orange:

South Orange, NJ — The Co-Lab at South Orange, a dynamic retail incubator and collaborative workspace for local entrepreneurs, is thrilled to welcome Nicole Kleinbaum as its new manager. Nicole’s appointment marks a significant milestone for The Co-Lab at South Orange as it continues its mission to empower small businesses and enhance community engagement in downtown South Orange.

Kleinbaum, who has been a Maplewood resident since 2011, brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for sustainability and community development. Her extensive background in entrepreneurship, e-commerce, and corporate sales positions her as the ideal leader to steer The Co-Lab at South Orange into its promising future. Nicole’s previous roles as CEO of Illuminate Food and in other local businesses highlight her dedication to sustainable business practices and active community participation.

Located at 57 South Orange Avenue, The Co-Lab serves as a co-retail space for local small businesses, offering a unique business model that functions as an incubator. This model provides accelerated growth opportunities for small businesses at various developmental stages.

Nicole Kleinbaum

With Nicole’s leadership, The Co-Lab at South Orange aims to further showcase local entrepreneurs and creators. Current member shops include Cereal Dreams, Dailygreatness, Gra, Noble Hungers and South Orange Wheelhouse. The Co-Lab will also continue to host events and pop-ups, enhancing its role as a hub for collaboration and innovation.

“Joining The Co-Lab at this crucial time for local businesses is incredibly exciting,” says Nicole. “Together, we’ll build on our foundation of innovation, entrepreneurship and community, making South Orange an even more vibrant place to live, work and shop.”

Under Nicole’s guidance and with the support of the volunteer Board of Directors, The Co-Lab is set for a future of growth, collaboration and success.


About The Co-Lab at South Orange

The Co-Lab at South Orange is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that acts as an incubator, creating growth opportunities for small businesses within the surrounding area to launch their brick-and-mortar businesses in downtown South Orange. The Co-Lab at South Orange is open Thursdays – Saturdays from 11am – 6pm and Sundays from 11am – 5pm. For more information about The Co-Lab at South Orange and upcoming events, please visit

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