Falafel-ly Yours Brings Taste of Morocco to South Orange

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The colorful and exotic new renovations at Falafel-ly Yours, located at 50 W. South Orange Avenue in downtown South Orange, transport customers to another place and time. “It’s a combination of traditional and contemporary Moroccan style,” says Jennifer Starr-Talsmat, who is co-owner of the restaurant with her husband Nabil Talsmat.

The renovations, which began this past March and lasted about a month, included expanding the kitchen and repainting Falafel-ly Yours. But an even larger component involved creating a new dining area they’ve affectionately named “My Morocco.” Inside, patrons experience unique décor, which was imported and arranged by a New Jersey import company called Three Habitats.

“One of the owners gave me quite a few fabric choices,” says Jennifer. “But I thought I might choose too many similar types. I knew I wanted the room to be eclectic, so I just gave them carte blanche.”

The result is an array of multi-hued Moroccan textiles that fill the room. Striped purple fabric has been upholstered onto the benched seating areas, which are complemented by flowered pillows. Deep orange and yellow fabric that lines the walls from top to bottom dramatically offsets the seating. Tables made of collapsible wooden bases with embroidered copper trays, a collection of softly-padded ottomans, and several Moroccan rugs complete the room’s Moroccan influence.

For the Talsmats, expanding their restaurant happened for several reasons. “We needed more room,” explains Jennifer. “Sometimes Falafel-ly Yours, which specializes in Middle Eastern cuisine, would be full of customers and they would go elsewhere instead of waiting for a table.” A solution to the problem came when their landlord offered them the adjoining space after the barber next door closed up shop. The Talsmats accepted the offer, tore down the wall, and created My Morocco. There is also now added outdoor seating in front of Falafel-ly Yours. In addition to serving as a dining area, My Morocco is available for use by families and local businesses.

Along with the new dining room came an expanded menu. While their initial thought was to possibly keep the entire restaurant Middle Eastern, the couple settled on adding a Moroccan twist and cuisine, in part, because Nabil is Moroccan and French. “We figured, why not do this completely new room and also do something with the spices and food of Morocco?” My Morocco at Falafel-ly Yours serves several tagine dishes (meat and vegetables prepared in an earthenware cooking vessel that has the same name), cous cous creations, appetizers, and a variety of entrees.

To enhance the Middle Eastern and Moroccan experience, Falafel-ly Yours hosts jazz music on Tuesday nights, belly dancing on Friday and Saturday nights, and is working on having world music on Wednesday evenings.

Falafel-ly Yours and My Morocco, 50 W South Orange Ave, South Orange, NJ
(973) 313-1333


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